Copyright Economics and Trademarks

Digitization implies a rethinking of economics motivations and the technical and juridical modes of application of Copyright, Intellectual Property rights and Trademarks. The effects of illegal sharing of digitized copyrighted contents modify the traditional arbitrages of regulation. The same can be said for the effect of e-commerce on the circulation of counterfeit goods. The new Copyright laws create and set the framework for protection techniques. New questions emerge on the efficacy of law systems for remuneration.

Research Questions:
  • How to apply Copyright to the internet
  • Publishers’ legal responsibilities
  • E-commerce impacts on the application of Trademark
  • Identification of new copyright arbitrages between exclusive rights and remuneration rights
Latest Works

"Luxe et parasitisme sur Internet", Olivier Bomsel, forthcoming on Propriété Industrielle, LexisNexis, in 2012.

"De l'économie des médias à l'économie des marques", Olivier Bomsel, Documentaliste Sciences de l'Information, September 2011

"Do you speak European ? Media economics, multilingualism and the digital single market".Bomsel Olivier.·Communications & Strategies n°82, 2, 2011.

"Copyright and brands in the digital age",·Bomsel Olivier,·Contemporary Economic Policy, Wiley, December 2011.

«Copyright et droit des marques à l’ère numérique», Olivier Bomsel, Propriété Industrielle, LexisNexis, décembre 2010.

«Decreasing copyright enforcement costs: the scope of a graduated response», Olivier Bomsel and Heritiana Ranaivoson, Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, December 2009.

Splendeur et Misère des DRMS, une analyse de l’industrie de la musique en ligne, thesis of Anne-Gaëlle Geffroy, MINES ParisTech, June 2009.

Study for DG Infso , in partnership with KEA : "Study on Muliti-territory licensing for the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union" - SMART 2008/0002. October 2010.

Note sur les moyens d'application du droit des marques (Anti-Counterfaiting Economics). Study in Partnership with Unifab et « Administration des Douanes ».

Note on OECD approach toward innovation policy, outlining the central role of Copyright institutions.

Associated Research Projects

Project Contango

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