Program of CERNA's research seminars and doctoral workshops



  • Wednesday [10 July 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Joel Stiebale (DICE).
  • Wednesday [15 May 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Patrick Gaule (University of Bath).
  • Wednesday [17 April 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Isabelle Mejean (CREST).
  • Wednesday [10 April 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Martin Schmalz (University of Michigan)
  • Thursday [4 April 2019] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Aurélie Méjean (CIRED)
  • Wednesday [20 March 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. David Benatia (CREST-ENSAE).
  • Wednesday [13 March 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Paul Belleflamme (UC Louvain).
  • Thursday [21 February 2019] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Damien Dussaux (Cerna)
  • Wednesday [13 February 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Maria Bas (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne).
  • Thursday [17 January 2019] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Marc Gaudry (University of Montreal)
  • Wednesday [16 January 2019] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Yasushi Hara (EHESS).
  • Wednesday [12 December 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Ralf Martin (Imperial).
  • Thursday [22 November 2018] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Ahmed Tritah (Le Mans)
  • Thursday [8 November 2018] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Damien Dussaux (Cerna)
  • Monday [22 October 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Christos Genakos (University of Cambridge)
  • Wednesday [17 October 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Magali Delmas (UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability)
  • Thursday [11 October 2018] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Matthieu Glachant (Cerna)
  • Thursday [27 September 2018] (12h30-13h30), Lunch Seminar. Eugénie Joltreau (Université Paris Dauphine)
  • Wednesday [12 September 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Olivier Bomsel (Cerna).


  • Thursday [14 June 2018] (12h30-14h ), Lunch Seminar. Eugenie Dugoua (LSE).
  • Tuesday [12 June 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Ulrich Wagner (University of Mannheim).
  • Wednesday [6 June 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Glenn Ellison (MIT).
  • Thursday [24 May 2018] (12h30-14h ), Lunch Seminar. Mehdi Benatiya Andaloussi (Columbia University).
  • Wednesday [16 May 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Andreas Moxnes (University of Oslo).
  • Thursday [3 May2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Nicolas de Roos (The University of Sydney).
  • Wednesday [25 April 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet (Cired).
  • Thursday [19 April 2018] (12h30-14h), Lunch Seminar. Thierry Weil (Cerna).
  • Thursday [15 February 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Nicholas Rivers (University of Ottawa).
  • Wednesday [31 January 2018] (16h-18h), Doctoral Workshop. Connie Lee, Victor Lavialle (Cerna).
  • Wednesday [24 January 2018] (16h-17h30), Doctoral Workshop. Maddalena Agnoli (Cerna).
  • Thursday [18 January 2018] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Sébastien Houde (University of Maryland).
  • Wednesday [6 December 2017] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Sara Ellison (MIT).
  • Thursday [30 November 2017] (12h30-14h), Lunch Seminar. François Lévêque (Cerna).
  • Thursday [23 November 2017] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Andras Niedermayer (Université Paris-Dauphine).
  • Thursday [9 November 2017] (12h30-14h), Lunch Seminar. Romain Bizet (Cerna).
  • Wednesday [25 October 2017] (16h-17h30), Research Seminar. Nancy Gallini (Vancouver School of Economics).
  • Thursday [5 October 2017] (12h30-14h), LunchSeminar. Ara Jo (London School of Economics), "Trust, Compliance and International Regulation".



  • 19 April 2017 (16-17h30), Michael Hoy (University of Guelph).
  • 29 March 2017 (16-17h30), Daniel Wilhelm (UCL).
  • 22 March 2017 (16-17h30), Doh-Shin Jeon (TSE).
  • 22 February 2017 (16-17h30), Anna Bindler (University of Gothenburg).
  • 25 January 2017 (16-17h30), Thomas Breda (PSE).
  • 18 January 2017 (16-17h30), Martina Viarengo (The Graduate Institute Geneva).
  • 11 January 2017(16-17h30), Thomas Fagart (PSE), Collusion in Capacity Under Irreversible Investment.
  • 6 December 2016 (16-17h30), Christopher M. Forman (Cornell), Internet Adoption and Knowledge Diffusion.
  • 1 December 2016 (16 - 17h30), Wanda Mimra (ETH Zürich), Health Services as Credence Goods (with Felix Gottschalk and Christian Waibel).
  • 16 November 2016 (16 - 17h30), Pierre Fleckinger (Cerna), A model of Fraud and Incentives (with Thierry Lafay & Constance Monnier)
  • 26 October 2016 (16-17h30), Galina Zudenkova (University of Mannheim), Electoral Accountability and Inter-district Externalities
  • 19 October 2016 (16-17h30), Xitong Li (HEC), Private vs. Public Ranking in Online Communities: A Randomized Field Experiment on MOOCs (with Jiayin Zhang)



  • 29 June 2016 (16-17h30), Luis Cabral (NYU), tba.
  • 15 June 2016 (16-17h30), Ariane Charpin (PSE), Merger efficiency gains: an assessment of the French urban transport industry
  • 20 April 2016 (16h-17h30), Raphaël Levy (University of Mannheim), More haste less speed. Signaling through investment timing
  • 5 April 2016 (16h-17h30), Pierre-Noël Giraud (Cerna), L’Homme inutile
  • 17 March 2016 (16h-17:30), Margaret Armstrong (Cerna), Tracking Plurigaussian Simulations
  • 27 Jan 2016 (16h-17h30), Marianne Verdier (Université Panthéon Assas, Paris II), tba
  • 20 Jan 2016 (16h-17h30), Emmanuel Combet (Cired), tba
  • 16 Dec 2015 (16h-17h30), Matthieu Glachant (Cerna), tba
  • 25 Nov 2015 (16h-17h30) Philipe Quirion (Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement), Renewable energy policies and interaction with the EU ETS: the critical role of uncertainty (with Oskar Lecuyer, University of Bern, Oeschger Center for Climate Research)
  • 24 Nov 2015 (16h-17h30) Juliana Subtil Lacerda (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Energy transitions and low carbon innovation in developing countries
  • 4 Nov 2015 (16h-17h30) Christoph Breunig (Humboldt University Berlin), Does IT Outsourcing Increase Firm Success? On IV-Estimation in Case of Missing Variables
  • 21 Oct 2015 (16h-17h30) Yann Meniere (Cerna), tba.
  • 23 Sept 2015 (16h-17h30) Petyo Bonev (Cerna), Identifying the effect of threat of regulation on the pricing policy of monopolies

- 27 May 2015 (16h-17h30) Pierre Fleckinger (Cerna), CEOs morality and incentives

- 6 May 2015 (16h-17h30) Philippe Quirion (Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et de Développement), Energy Efficiency Policy with Price-Quality Discrimination (with M.-L. Nauleau and L.-G. Giraudet)

- 15 April 2015 (16h-17h30) Petyo Bonev (Cerna), Dynamic treatment evaluation

- 25 March 2015 (16h-17h30) Matthieu Glachant (Cerna), When Strengthening Environmental Regulation Reduces Green Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Auto Industry (with A. Dechezleprêtre)

- 18 March 2015 (16h-17h30) Margaret Kyle (Cerna), Experts and Conflict of Interest

- 3 december 2014 (16h-17h30) Petyo Bonev (Cerna)

- 19 november 2014 (16h-17h30) Pierre Fleckinger (Cerna)

- 3 novembre 2014 (16h-17h30)Kenneth Gillingham (Yale University) "Learning-by-doing in Solar Photovoltaic Installations"

- 15 october 2014 (16h-17h30) Antonin Pottier (Cerna) ""Damages of climate change on total factor productivity""

- 1 october 2014 (16h-17h30) Yann Ménière (Cerna) "Assertive and preemptive intermediaries in the market for patents"


-14 mai 2014 (16h-17h30) Margaret Armstrong (Cerna) "How Nuclar Plants in Spain have Reacted to the Introduction of Renewable Energy"

- 6 mai 2014 (15h30-17h00) Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin) "Energiewende/Electricity Transition in Germany – A Reform on its Way"

- 5 mai 2014 (16h-17h30) Pierre Zaoulay (MIT) "Public R&D Investments and Private Sector Patenting: Evidence from NIH Funding Rules"

- 9 avril 2014 (16h-17h30) David Hemous (INSEAD) "The Dynamic Impact of Unilateral Environmental Policies"

- 29 janvier 2014 (16h-17h30) Margaret Kyle (Toulouse School of Economics)

- 8 janvier 2014 (16h-17h30) Matthieu Glachant (Cerna) "How effective is energy taxation to improve energy efficiency? Evidence from the UK refrigerator market"

- 18 décembre 2013 (16h-17h30) Paul Belleflamme (Université Catholique de Louvain) "Dynamic Protection of Innovations through Patents and Trade Secrets"

- 13 décembre 2013 (16h-17h30) Özlem Bedre-Defolie (ESMT) "Assessing the Impact of Payment Card Fee Regulation"

- 20 novembre 2013 (16h-17h30) Olivier Bomsel (Cerna) "Is China a Weibo democracy?"


- 24 juin 2013 (16h-17h30) "Voluntary versus Mandatory Standards: Protecting Workers from Adverse Chemical Exposure" Shanti Gamper-Rabindran (University of Pittsburgh)

- 22 mai 2013 (16h-17h30) Marc Baudry (Université Paris 10)

- 24 avril 2013 (16h-17h30) "Measuring the effect of government interventions: evidence from restructuring the U.S. nuclear power sector" Michel Berthelemy (Cerna)

- 17 avril 2013 (14h-15h30) "Patenting behavior prior to IPO and the survival of Euopean software firms in the aftermarket" Diego Useche (Université Bordeaux IV)

- 27 mars 2013 (16h-17h30) "Regulation, Incentives and Ownership" Richard Meade (Toulouse School of Economics)

- 28 février 2013 (16h-17h30) Sondès KAHOULI (Université de Brest)

- 20 février 2013 (16h-17h30): Alain Galli & Margaret Armstrong (Cerna)

- 24 janvier 2013 (16h-17h30): "Investments in Quality, Collective Reputation and Information Acquisition" Karin Millock (Université Paris 1)

- 12 décembre 2012 (16h-17h30): Anna Creti (Université Paris 10)

- 14 novembre 2012 (16h-17h30): Michael Dorsch (American Univ. of Paris)

- 19 octobre 2012 (16h-17h30): Marianne Verdier (Université Paris 10)

- 3 octobre 2012 (16h-17h30): "Regulatory behaviour under threat of court reversal" Magnus Söderberg (Cerna)


- 20 juin 2012 (16h-17h30): "Ex post or ex ante? On the optimal timing of merger control" Jean-Philippe Tropéano (PSE-Université Paris 1)

- 16 mai 2012 (16h-17h30): "La géographie de la production industrielle en France et son évolution
récente" Gilles Le Blanc (Cerna)

- 4 mai 2012 (16h-17h30) "Incentives for Quality in Friendly and Hostile Informational Environments" Pierre Fleckinger (Université Paris 1 - PSE).

- 25 avril 2012 (16h-17h30) "Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics" Julia Schmidt (IHEID Genève)

- 18 avril 2012 (16h-17h30) "Valuing Growth - how Marketing contributes to Value from Future Profit Growth" Tobias Horning (Université de Cologne)

- 28 mars 2012 (16h-17h30): "Luxe et parasitisme sur internet" Olivier Bomsel (Cerna)

- 7 mars 2012 (16h-17h30): "Role of embodied energy in the European Manufacturing Industry: Application to short-term impacts of a carbon tax" Matthieu Bordigoni (Cerna)

- 6 février 2012 (16h-17h30): "Le numérique, ou la double vie du marché du livre" Françoise Benhamou (Université Paris 13)

- 14 décembre 2011 (16h-17h30): "Endogenous Market Structures and International Trade" Federico Etro (Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia)

- 23 novembre 2011 (16h-17h30): "Conflicting objectives in the use of feed-in tariffs for renewable sources of electricity" Claude Crampes (IDEI)

- 19 octobre 2011 (16h-17h30): "Modelling the allowance allocation method of the EU ETS" Philippe Quirion (CIRED)

- 21 septembre 2011 (16h-17h30): "Complex versus binary menus of contracts: What are the welfare gains?" Philippe Gagnepain (PSE - Université Paris 1)


- 13 mai 2011 (10h30-12h00): "Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry" Marc Schankerman (London School of Economics)- joint avec le séminaire EEI

- 11 mai 2011 (16h-17h30): "L'Economie de l'Attention" Kevin Mellet (Orange Labs)

- 27 avril 2011 (16h-17h30): "Future scenarios on the Impact of Electric Cars on Day-ahead Prices in France" Margaret Armstrong et Alain Galli (Cerna)

- 6 avril 2011 (16h-17h30): "New approaches for military innovation in knowledge based economics: an inquiry into the new role of Defence in innovation processes" Valérie Mérindol (OST et Cerna)

- 16 février 2011 (16h-17h30): "Remanufacturing" Sophie Bernard (PSE)

- 2 février 2011 (16h-17h30): "Business Partnerships and the Commercialization of Inventions" Thomas Astebro (HEC) - joint avec le séminaire EEI

- 14 janvier 2011 (10h-11h30): "Markets for Patents" Dominique Guellec (OCDE) - joint avec le séminaire EEI

- 16 décembre 2010 (16h-17h30): "Interdépendance des institutions des marques et du copyright" Olivier Bomsel (Cerna)

- 1 décembre 2010 (16h-17h30): "L’agglomération parisienne au XXIème siècle : leçons d’un exercice de prospective" Vincent Viguié (CIRED)

- 9 novembre 2010 (16h-17h30): "Does Foreign Regulation Influence Domestic Inventors? The Case of Innovation in Wind Power", Antoine Dechezleprêtre (London School of Economics) et Matthieu Glachant (Cerna)

- 27 octobre 2010 (16h-17h30): "The Economic Growth Engine: How energy and work create material prosperity", Benjamin Warr (Social Innovation Center, INSEAD)

- 5 octobre 2010 (16h30-18h): "A sectoral approach balancing global efficiency and equity" Jean-Pierre Ponssard (CECO, Ecole Polytechnique)

- 22 septembre 2010 (16h-17h30): "Upstream capacity constraint and the preservation of monopoly power in private bilateral contracting", Eric Avenel (CREM, Université de Renne 1)


- 16 juin (16h-17h30): "Dynamic hedging strategies: An application to the crude oil market", Alain Galli (Cerna) & Delphine Lautier (Université Paris 9)

- 19 mai (16h-17h30): "Asymmetric Information and Overinvestment in Quality", Paul Belleflamme (CORE, Université Cartholique de Louvain)

- 12 avril (16h-17h30) "The economics of smartgrids", Perry Sioshansi (Menlo Energy Economics)

- 6 avril (16h-17h30): "Productivity, Relationship-Specific Inputs and the Sourcing Modes of Multinational Firms", Farid Toubal (Université d'Angers, PSE, CEPII)

- 31 mars (16h-17h30): "Input Choice under Carbon Constraint", Ana Creti (Université Bocconi)

- 17 mars (16h-17h30): "Preference Elicitation under Oath", Nicolas Jacquemet (Université Paris 1, PSE)

- 10 mars (16h-17h30): "Civilizing markets: Carbon trading between in vitro and in vivo experiments", Michel Callon (CSI, Mines ParisTech)

- 24 février (10h-12h): "The timing of licensing: theory and empirics", Emeric Henry (Sciences Po)

- 26 janvier (16h-17h30): "Collective Reputation and Market Structure: Regulating the Quality vs Quantity Trade-off", Pierre Fleckinger (Université Paris 1 et PSE)

- 27 novembre (16h-17h30): "Collaboration and Networking in Cooperative Standard Setting", Aija Leiponen (Imperial College London)

- 10 novembre (16h-17h30): "The Distributional Impact of Dams: Evidence from Cropland Productivity in Africa", Eric Strobl (CECO, Ecole Polytechnique)

- 28 octobre (16h-17h30) "L'économie immatérielle", Olivier Bomsel (Cerna)

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