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The CERNA hosts the PhD programme in Economics of MINES ParisTech. This programme is co-affiliated to University West Paris -Nanterre and MINES ParisTech.

Cerna considers that PhD programmes are very important. The centre organises a seminar programme specifically for PhD students and ensures that PhD students are actively involved in the research centre’s life. During the thesis, ParisTech offers PhD students a large range of optional courses and training sessions to improve their skills and prepare their entry on the job market.

PhD students have varied backgrounds. Some were graduates from Engineering Schools, others from French or foreign universities. The topics that they are working on include industrial economics, innovation economics, energy economics, environmental economics. One common feature is that they tackle questions that are directly relevant to companies and public administrations. Former PhD students find jobs in academia, administrations, banks, consulting groups and international organisations.

For more information, please contact: pierre.fleckinger@mines-paristech.fr.




PhD programme CERNA MINES ParisTech - MINES ParisTech


Employabilité des étudiants

Formation Employabilité des étudiants Dans l'édition 2017 du Global Employability University Ranking , publiée le 16 novembre…
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Débat aux JECOS sur les métamorphoses de la concurrence

Formation Débat aux JECOS sur les métamorphoses de la… Regarder le débat via @YouTube à  https://youtu.be/4ieZzTPL8Ko
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Destruction créatrice: les médias aussi

International Destruction créatrice: les médias aussi « Menteurs », « imposteurs », « racaille », « ennemis »... Le…
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Les Habits neufs de la concurrence

Entreprise Les Habits neufs de la concurrence Jamais la concurrence n’a semblé aussi vive. Les…
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Deezer, Apple ou Spotify ? Les pistes économiques pour choisir une plate-forme de streaming

Entreprise Deezer, Apple ou Spotify ? Les pistes économiques pour… Quel service de streaming choisir ? Deezer ? Spotify ?…
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